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About Us

What We Entail

Life is a journey! Why not look and feel your best while on it? At Journey Injection Lounge, our goal is to provide a unique experience that ends with a rejuvenated, natural result. Our rejuvenation clinic offers cosmetic treatments to help you look your best, while our regeneration clinic provides treatments to help you feel your best!

Our Service

What We Do


Rejuvenation Service

Your journey will begin with a consultation, where we will discuss the desired results, and exactly what path we will take to achieve them! During your consultation, MANY things will be discussed– including how the products work, where they will be placed, what to expect through the entire treatment process, pricing, and much more (we may even discuss your family pets, as Sara LOVES animals). We can ensure that all questions will be answered during this time, and you will feel at ease with the decision to embark on the journey to looking your best!

Regeneration Service

Many things make the brain depict sensations of pain or ache: injury, inflammation, or simply the aging process. Research has proven that PRP therapy can aid in increased healing response and heighten the natural process of repair within the body. Set up a consultation to learn more! This may be the journey you are looking for!


Customer Review

To be honest, I was terrified of how this process would go and I felt intimidated. 5 seconds talking with Sara and all that has changed. She made this experience terrific and comfortable. Her pleasant demeanor and excellent communication skills made the process seamless and the results are exactly what I wanted.

Melissa J


Hours Of Operation

Monday- Friday: 9-6
Saturday: by appointment only.

Call (317) 688-1940 to book

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